See what these clients have to say about training with Peak!

“I have been training with Peak for over 12 months. In this time I have totally changed my eating habits and my passion for fitness. I started at a weight of over 100kg and now I am down to 94kg with more muscle definition and reduced body fat. Friends I haven’t seen in sixth months don't even recognise me! It’s all about lifestyle changes, doing the right things and getting into a routine. Having Cory as my trainer has been a major part of my new routine and the results that I have seen. I am proof that with the encouragement and a training programme from Peak, plus belief in myself, the results will come... and they have!”
– Christian

“I have not previously been a gym attendee and have found it has helped me tremendously to have had a Personal Trainer to… 1) learn how to use the gym, and 2) encourage me to attend regularly. I have found Cory from Peak to be very professional and a pleasure to be associated with.”
– Tom

“Cory is very supportive and understanding towards me and my requirements. I have achieved great results so far and Cory has been so encouraging for me to get me where I am. His training sessions are fun and enjoyable. He is professional but also able to enjoy a laugh with you. Cory is full of Knowledge to help you achieve the results you want.”
– Meagan

“I really wanted to improve my body shape and build myself up but did not know how to do this effectively… this is where Peak came in. I found from my first meeting with Peak that Cory was 110% into getting me to achieve my goals and setting realistic limits which (although hard) were attainable. Cory made the time to go over everything with me, explaining the equipment and how to do the exercises with the correct technique for best results. I’m looking the best I have in years! I put this down to his unwavering commitment towards my goals and placing this into a programme that was not only achievable but bettering myself along the way. I cannot place into words how excited I am about continuing on and looking forward to the next year and seeing what I can achieve.”
– Shaun

“I have been with Peak for just over 18 months and still loving it! My goals were to put on muscle and gain strength. I have put on 10kg of muscle since I started with Peak and I am a lot stronger. My sprinting speed and explosive power have also increased. Peak has helped me to feel better about myself and Cory always gives positive feedback. I would recommend Peak to anyone who wants to achieve their goals.”
– Jared

“I really enjoy my training sessions with Peak. After reaching a ‘stagnent’ point with training alone, I have found great benefits in training with Cory, including higher motivation and energy levels, new challanges and most of all, the confidence to push myself harder than I would alone.”
– Janine

“Previously, having injured my knees as a result of military training, my general fitness level was low and I lacked proper advice and support to achieve results from my training. Crucially, my sessions with Peak have and continue to focus on using proper techniques to achieve a solid base and increase in fitness level. Having for the last five years not being able to sit, walk or run without knee pain, I am now on target for Mt Cook Heliski”
– Daniel

“I have trained with Peak for 18 months now and my fitness has improved out of sight! Cory is an outstanding professional, totally committed to my fitness and wellbeing. Cory has given me the skills to deal with my stressful life. I have had so many positive comments from people, giving me the incentive for a healthier lifestyle and to continue working with Cory and Peak.”
– Alistair

“I have been training with Peak for about six months now. Cory is passionate about what he does and is as keen to see your progress as much as you are. His training sessions are always well organised, hard work, focused on good technique and most importantly – fun. Training with Cory is more than just a weekly session. He has designed a ‘maintenance’ weights programme that I can work through in my own time, structured my cardio workouts and provided me with nutritional advice. Each personal training session is different, which is great for me. This keeps me on my toes, it’s never boring and does not allow for complacency to creep in. This was something we discussed early on and I know that Cory goes to great lengths to ensure he tailors all his sessions to meet each of his clients needs. In just a few months my strength has increased and I've noticed improvements in many areas. I am generally healthier, accountable for my own results and pushed (in a good way!) to perform well and achieve results. This is thanks particularly to Cory at Peak's efforts!”
– Sarah

“Having played a lot of sport in the past, but never stepped into a gym before, I was quite nervous about starting weights for the first time. Cory made the whole thing easy, he completely tailored a programme for me that had me seeing results straight away. I look and feel great (and have discovered muscles that I didn’t know existed!). Cory motivates you and pushes you to new limits, while at the same time not overwhelming you. It’s great to know the correct way of exercising specific muscles and my cricket has never been better. Cheers Cory!”
– Nathan

“Having injured my shoulder and being frustrated with the lack of recovery progress, I turned to Cory at Peak for help. Cory tailored a programme which targeted my overall strength building without unnecessary loading on my shoulder. I’m now stronger than pre-injury and my shoulder feels great!”
– Karl

“I began training regularly with Peak just over a year ago and during that time i have lost 15kgs and my body fat percentage is below 20%. As a rugby player it’s important to carry lean weight and Cory has helped me convert a lot of my weight into muscle. Being a former Professional Rugby player, Cory has tailored a training programme which is specific to me and my sport. I have now developed good training habits and he has helped me to remain focused on achieving my goals. I've never really had a focus or a structure to training but Cory has changed my outlook on training and I'm now seeing and feeling the benefits.”
– Andy